Month: August 2018

Troy Balderson wins OH-12!!

This is encouraging, yet a wake up call for republicans. Troy Balderson won the special election against the Nancy Pelosi puppet Danny O’Connor. Balderson: 101,566 votes- 50.2% O’Connor: 99,800 votes- 49.8% It was very, very close. But a win is a win and the two will rematch in November. The

Manafort Update: Judge Ellis Screams At Mueller’s Hitmen “LOOK AT ME!” Spend 10 Mins Handing Their Asses To Them

Kirsters Baish| Judge T.S. Elliot, a Reagan appointed Senior United States District Judge for Virginia’s Eastern District, got into a 10-minute long argument with Mueller’s prosecution in the Manafort bank fraud and tax evasion trial. It all started when Paul Manafort’s former business associate, Rick Gates, took the stand to