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UNCATEGORISEDOmar, Tlaib, And AOC Are Destroying The Democrat Party According To Crucial New Report

Internal Democrat Poll Reveals That The Ocasio-Cortez And Her ‘Squad’ Are Destroying Party’s Chances Of Winning Swing States In 2020 The so-called ‘Democratic socialist’ wing of the Donkey Party is so toxic with voters in critical swing states that it’s becoming extremely difficult to win them next year, according to

Celebrities Trash Ohio Voters After Democrat Loss: ‘This Is an Embarrassment’

Hollywood-backed Democratic candidates didn’t fare as well as politically engaged celebrities had hoped in Tuesday’s elections, which sparked Russian meddling conspiracy theorizing and celebs bashing Green Party voters in Ohio. The contest between Republican Troy Balderson and Democrat Danny O’Connor in Ohio’s 12th congressional district garnered perhaps the most celebrity