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Boil-potatoes-in-microwave-oven, place the potatoes in a microwave safe bowl. fill the bowl with water approximately 2 to 3 inches above the potatoes. add 1/4 tsp. salt.. Boiling potatoes in the microwave is an easy way to cook them quickly, whether you want to make mashed potatoes or use them as an ingredient in another recipe. this method requires very little time and preparation, and you can easily boil your potatoes in under ten minutes., method place 2 whole large potatoes, with the skin, on the microwave turntable. place a glass of water in the centre to prevent them from getting wrinkled. microwave on high for 7 minutes or till cooked..

The process for boiling potatoes in a microwave oven clean and dry potatoes. place in a polybag and keep on the microwave tray. run the microwave oven for 2 minutes on high., place the potatoes in a microwave safe bowl. fill the bowl with water approximately 5 cm to 8 cm above the potatoes. add a quarter teaspoon of salt. spray the top of the water with cooking spray or add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to help keep the potatoes from boiling over while cooking.. Easy to do 5-6 min procedure all you need is potatoes , a fork, polythene cover/napkin and a microwave!, i've never actually 'boiled' a potato in the microwave per se...but what i have always done is poke holes in the potato (washed first obviously) with a fork then wrap it in a nice wet paper towel,....

It is not necessary to rub oil on potatoes you are cooking in the microwave oven. place the potato on a microwave-safe dish. check the small print on the back of the dish to be sure. then place it in the microwave oven., jan 10, 2018 - how to boil potatoes in microwave - without using polythene cover or foil. - youtube

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