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Can-i-take-microwave-oven-in-international-flight, microwave is allowed through the checkpoint. please check with your airline for their policy.. Why certain items are not allowed as passenger baggage or cargo is because that item can be a harmful thing or in airline parlance dg (dangerous goods). dangerous goods are things that can be dangerous by itself or become dangerous when in contact..., just to avoid misunderstanding, my husband wants to take a microwave oven (which we already own) to his office in another state. it would be easier and cheaper to take it as a carry on instead of mailing it to himself..

The best mountable microwave oven is the one that best suites your needs. some of the things to take into considerationa are: 1.) the higher the wattage the faster things cook, 2.), i am going to visit india for vacation and wish to carry a microwave with me. it will fit in the luggage, but i am worried because the luggage is not handled very well in the flights and i do not want my microwave to be tampered. the difference in cost makes me to carry a microwave from here. or should i buy one in india itself. i am looking for a medium/small sized one for a vegetarian family ....

I'm flying within malaysia (fly with malaysia airlines) soon. i wanna bring my microwave oven back to my hometown. anyone have experiences in bringing kitchen appliances (fragile item) as checked baggage? what should i do to ensure that the item is not damaged? i cannot carry it as hand-carry luggage because it's quite big and heavy. thanks.

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