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Here It Comes: Nancy Pelosi Wants To Use The House To Punish Trump For “Racist, Xenophobic Tweets”

Kirsters Baish| Opinion|  On Monday, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California announced a resolution to condemn the President for what she called “racist” tweets aimed at New York freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the anti-American congresswoman currently in American politics. “The House cannot allow the President’s

Ilhan Omar Went Too Far, Dems Take First Step To Remove Her From Congress, Discussions Begin About Primary Challenge

Opinion| It seems that Minnesota Democrats have had enough of Representative Ilhan Omar’s anti-semitic comments and are now reportedly considering removing her from Congress via a primary challenge against her in the 2020 elections. Fox News reports that the announcement came after a “bipartisan condemnation” of the Minnesota Democrat’s anti-semitic comments. The