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Feed, feed is the general word: pig feed; chicken feed. fodder is especially applied to dry or green feed, as opposed to pasturage, fed to horses, cattle, etc.: fodder for winter feeding; cornstalks are good fodder.. Kids definition of feed (entry 1 of 2) 1 : to give food to or give as food fed the dog she fed cereal to the baby., food, nutrient - any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue. blood meal - the dried and powdered blood of animals. corn gluten feed - a feed consisting primarily of corn gluten. cattle cake - a concentrated feed for cattle; processed in the form of blocks or cakes..

Feed definition: 1. to give food to a person, group, or animal: 2. if a baby or animal feeds, it eats or drinks…. learn more., directed by tommy bertelsen. with troian bellisario, tom felton, ben winchell, james remar. olivia and matthew grey are 18-year-old twins born into a world of privilege and high expectations. there are almost no boundaries between them; even their dreams are connected.. The leather feed 100 inspired by a cult-favorite bag, this smaller version is destined to become your new fave everyday bag. shop now arrow, with guy burnet, david thewlis, shaquille ali-yebuah, michelle fairley. a man's invention of a brain implant that allows people to share thoughts and emotions gets into the wrong hands..

Feed uri scheme (feed:), a non-standard uri scheme designed to facilitate subscription to web feeds relay (disambiguation) , any of several technologies for forwarding messages between stations feed, a broadcasting signal sent from one station to another, or to or from a central facility, intended for retransmission, we create products that help feed the world. get exclusive styles only available from the official feed site. shop totes, crossbody bags, pouches, travel bags, artisan-made, jewelry, accessories, and more..

Feed us 4. action. share. 3,997. 361. 4,358. ratings. 9.2. 4th sequel of the addicting game feed us in which you help the hungry piranha to eat lots of helpless humans, sink boats and find treasures. use your mouse to play this bloody game! walkthrough. more games in this series. feed us. 9.1.

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