JUST IN: Karma Just Pounded On Maxine’s Front Door – Trapped Inside Begging For Help

Karma just pounded on Maxine Waters’ front door big time. I would not be surprised to hear she is trapped indoors and begging for assistance. She just had a bit of her own medication force-fed for her.

I’m not big on any kind of harassment or intimidation, but I needed to smile over this one.

Conservative protesters showed up at Maxine Waters home in D.C. to voice concern over her abusive rhetoric. The protesters seemed to be praying for Waters soul. Very good luck with that.

This occurred two weeks before President Trump admonished Waters to”be careful what you wish for.” Truer words have never been spoken. She called for everyone in the Trump government to be plagued no matter where they go.

The group congregated around Waters’ home to give her a taste of her own pro-harassment medicine. And it is bitter.

The president tweeted Monday following Waters’ disgraceful behavior over the weekend,”Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an incredibly low IQ person, has become, jointly with Nancy Pelosi, the surface of the Democrat Party.

She’s just called for injury to supporters, of that there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement. Take care what you wish for Max!” Ouch. Wonder if she’s sense enough to regret her actions. Probably not.

It does not surprise me in the least that Trump fans desired Waters to undergo just a little bit of what she was calling for. You can not blame them . Nobody should harass others, however you should not just take down it either when it comes your way. Said owner then proceeded to follow Sanders’ in-laws into another restaurant and call in a mob to frighten them while eating.

And although I do not condone doing this to others, Maxine Waters was calling for violence since the 1970’s. She’s a racist and rejoiced with people that almost beat Rodney King to ***h from the Los Angeles riots in 1992. She has been a nonstop clarion call to impeach President Trump because the day he took office and now she’s promoting violence against the proper.

Conservative politicians and even a few on the left are calling for her to be censured by Congress and also for her to resign over this. Her chickens are coming home to roost… I hope.

Now, Waters has canceled her Birmingham trip due to safety concerns. She had been scheduled to speak Friday in an annual conference for black female politicians, local leaders and neighborhood leaders. She’s afraid for her own safety. Inform me Maxine… how does it feel to go through what you are putting other people through? None in Any Way.

Waters was supposed to deal with an audience of black women for the National Organization of Black Elected Legislative (NOBEL) Ladies’s Annual Legislative Conference, which starts today and ends Sunday.

However, NOBEL President Karen Camper, a state representative in Tennessee, affirmed that Waters was no longer coming because of security reasons. Details about the safety concerns have yet to be published and it is not known if a specific threat has been made. She might be playing with the victim , but oh well.

Waters first feedback into a crowd at a toy drive at Los Angeles started all this,”Let us make sure we appear wherever we need to appear,” Waters said during the rally. “And if you find anyone from that cabinet at a restaurant, at a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you also create a crowd.

And you push on them. And you also tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere. We have got to find the kids connected to their own parents” Waters has since doubled down,”that I don’t have any sympathy for those people that are in this government who understand it is wrong for what they are doing on numerous fronts,” and of course she blamed President Trump to get all of this.

“We must have civility,” McCarthy told Fox News during an interview on Monday. “I can disagree with somebody philosophically, but to attack — to remove somebody, not serve them?

What is intriguing to me personally, the men and women who claim tolerance appear to be the most intolerant in this process.” Waters hasn’t apologized, in fact, she has doubled down on her bills.

All this can be hyped up and ridiculous. Even leftist PolitiFact is saying, no… a Trump supporter didn’t threaten to m****r Maxine Waters.

None of the leads everywhere good and mobocracy is ruling the streets nowadays. It is not safe to be a Trump supporter in people . And Waters wonders why she is targeted. When you deal in hate and violence, expect the same. It’s the reverse of the Golden Rule.


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