He has a big chest but is rated as the most hot woman in the world

She has achieved great fame thanks to sensational bodily forms becoming a super star.

In a new photographic set, the 39-year-old looks seductive and quite provocative on a pair of bikini in zebra and white. She has highlighted the three bodily forms, which has recently been weakened by her beloved.

She is one of the beauties she received during the 90’s. Today, she is well-off because she has fallen herself, but only three years ago she has been named as the most beautiful female bodybuilder in the world.

Kelly, who has been engaged four times and has had a string of high-profile romances, discovered that she was not ‘friends with either of the former’, including Hollywood actors Jason Statham and Billy Zane.

Kelly Brook (Photo: F & F Swimwear)

The British model, who is currently in love with her boyfriend, Jeremy Paris, 34, says she is no longer interested in anything from the past as she is enjoying life well enough.

We recall that Brook was proclaimed the most beautiful female in the world, according to scientists, although they used to call it thick-headed.

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