Newt Gingrich Goes Rogue – Shocks Nation With Stunning Announcement

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of House, recently took the stage to lecture the GOP on how to maintain the Republican leadership in the House for the upcoming midterm elections.

He said that they need to strengthen up and fight fire with fire.

Gingrich reportedly told the Republican National Committee that : “We are not tough enough, we’re not fast enough, we don’t think aggressively enough.”

According to Western Journalism he went on to say : “The truth is, too many Republicans don’t have the nerve to go out to new neighborhoods and new voters. They talk in cost-benefit terms. Well, that’s not going to work if we are serious about growing a stable majority.”

In addition to this, he told Republicans to stop whining about the media’s partiality and start acting more aggressively while being interviewed by the press.

He compared TV studios with “war zones”, when he told Republicans that it is perhaps better to think of them in this way.

Gingrich said : “Don’t complain about the news media. The news media is a fact. The news media is the offensive wing of the other team.”

He added:  “They are not the problem. They are a fact. What we do about them is the problem. So, we have to design a campaign plan, and we have to train our candidates assuming the worst about the news media. Whenever you interact with the news media you should assume you’re going into a war zone. You should plan to take the host head on and challenge their assumptions.”
He continued to say : “I read the transcripts every Sunday. You would be amazed how many of our folks are too slow, too untrained, and don’t know what they’re talking about…..So, they walk in as though George Stephanopoulos is neutral. I mean not only was he the Clinton press secretary, who gave $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, and we allowed him to chair a presidential debate in 2012. Now, you at least have a minimum rule. Nobody who’s completely on the Left is going to get to chair anything for this party’s good future.”

According to him, GOP members must understand that they are in the middle of a “cultural civil war” and that they are up against people who “despise” conservative values.

“It’s very important for us to understand this is a fight. We are in a cultural civil war with people who despise us,” he said. “There’s no neutrality in there. And that’s why they dislike Trump so much.”

Gingrich concluded :“Because Trump has the nerve to talk about MS-13 because they can’t answer it. The more he is right, the more enraged they are.”

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