Stephen Miller just got his ass handed to him

Even as Donald Trump continues to ramp up his racist rhetoric against members of Congress, and his racist atrocities against the immigrants he’s locked in cages, we all know who’s really steering Trump’s white supremacy ship: Stephen Miller. So it wasn’t surprising that after Trump spent the week struggling with his delivery, Miller stepped up to deliver the message himself today by appearing on Fox News. The trouble: Miller did even worse with it than Trump.

Stephen Miller seemed to know that appearing on Fox News was his best shot at being able to get his racist rhetoric across without pushback from the host. But Miller made a major mistake when it came to choosing which host. Chris Wallace is the one person at Fox News who keeps trying to do real journalism at the network, and sure enough, he ate Miller for breakfast this morning.

Miller tried pushing the same old tired defense that racists everywhere fall back on when they have nothing else to run with. He claimed that Donald Trump is being falsely accused of racism because he dared to disagree with non-white people. But Wallace wasn’t having any of it.

Chris Wallace pointed out that Donald Trump invoked the clearly racist “go back where you came from” trope. Stephen Miller then tried to claim that Trump didn’t agree with the crowd’s “send her back” chant. But then Wallace pointed out that Trump stood in silence and let the chant go on for thirteen seconds. At that point Miller was flustered and merely kept repeating the same nonsense. Stephen Miller got his butt kicked today. As is typically the case with racists, he’s a fragile weakling.

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